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About us

The Raspberry Group brings together a wealth of trade and professional expertise to provide an almost unique offering.

With global reach, global connections and decades of experience across multiple sectors we think our offering is unique.

Geopolitical factors required some restructuring in 2023. Various established businesses have or are rebranding to form part of the new group structure, senior team members have relocated, some locations have been suspended and other new locations opened.

Overall, the group has seen strong and consistent growth and expansion of our network, connections and experience.

Our commodities desk has built on existing relationships and has sourced new and reliable supplies to solve issues created by sanctions. It has formed and continues to form valuable new partnerships to assist in matching buyers and sellers to manage global supply chains. This is often supported by our logistics operation who have ability to distribute fuel, sugar and aggregates.

Our commercial, construction and sports assistance teams provide international business advice, assistance with commercial contracts and documents, and company or deal structuring. It is also able to carry out a business or deal review and risk assessment and I believe our wide and varied skill set enable us to provide a more comprehensive advice than can be found in one group elsewhere.

If a dispute arises, we are able to deal with adjudications and arbitrations and are able to sit as arbitrator on international trade disputes. We also offer a private contract dispute neutral service which provides an independent third party to resolve low value disputes which would be disproportionate to refer to traditional legal solutions.

Our witness training programme is not unique but I do not believe is done well elsewhere. Indeed, regulations prohibit it from being done in most jurisdictions by the very people who should provide this service. We are proud of the extraordinary panel of international experts we are now able to offer.

Our digital media and digital transformation team is a constant source of enlightenment as to exactly how much the world has changed and how much companies need to evolve their techniques to stay modern.

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